Photo of desert dust transport from Africa towards the Atlantic Ocean


Enhanced Aeolus L2A for depolarizing targets and impact on aerosol research and NWP


L2A+ aims to develop a refined Aeolus L2A aerosol product, and test its applications to enhance aerosol research.


Towards the derivation of the novel and unique refined Aeolus L2A+ aerosol product, sophisticated algorithms, state-of-the-art Earth Observation products, CAMS outputs, and Aeolus retrievals will be synergistically implemented, while the product will be thoroughly validated against quality-assured measurements from the ASKOS/JATAC experiment in Cabo Verde.

Programme of Work

ESA-L2A+ project Kicked-Off on November 8, 2022, aiming to achieve its technical and scientific overarching objectives in a two-year-period. The proposed work consists of several discrete Work-Packages (WPs), aligned to L2A+ objectives.